Barbara Moon mom : she gave birth, check out the name of his son 👶

Barbara Lune maman : elle a accouché, découvrez le prénom de son fils 👶

Barbara Moon has given birth : she reveals the name of his son

After a beginning of a difficult pregnancy, Barbara Moon became a mother. It is this Saturday 18 January 2020 that the former candidate of the Angels 9 gave birth to her first child, as she announced on the social networks. The singer has also posted an adorable photo of her and her baby to reveal his first name.

Barbara Moon mom for the first time

While Melanie Dedigama (the battle of The 2 couples) and Charlene (Secret Story 11) are pregnant with their first child, Barbara Moon, she has just given birth to her baby she had with her lover DJ Niko. As the former candidate of the Vacation of the Angels 2 was already announced, she gave birth to a little boy : “Esteban is born the 18/01/20 in the maternity ward of Gassin, 3,380 kg of love !! We are so proud of you little cowboy ! Thank you to all the team for this maternity which has enabled us to live up to my darling and me the most beautiful day of our lives. Welcome in this world Hijo de la Luna“, wrote Barbara Moon in the caption of a photo of her with her son in her arms.

The internet users have quickly welcomed as candidates for reality tv, such as Eddy (Angels 12), Vivian, Shanna Kress (The Villa of Broken Hearts 5) or even Kelly Helard (Moms & celebrities). Congratulations to the young parents !

A early pregnancy difficult

Barbara Moon has managed to carry her pregnancy to term, which was not necessarily a good start at the beginning : “I contracted the CMV (the cytomegalovirus) this virus that any mom can catch and that is not automatically tracked by all the doctors (…) and that can cause the fetus serious diseases, handicapped, heavy, and death at birth. Several months of waiting and 1h30 in a tube to finally have a verdict, and you’ve fought like a lion my heart !“, she explained in November 2019 on Instagram.

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