Barbra Streisand when she played – 77: TOP 5 best movies with ageless actress

Actress and singer managed to win the love of the audience and the Academy

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Барбре Стрейзанд - 77: ТОП-5 лучших фильмов с нестареющей актрисой

Barbra Streisand

Extravagant and incredibly talented actress and singer Barbra Streisand, who managed to clone his dog, today, April 24, celebrates his birthday. The legendary star was 77 years old! Her talent is measured by “Oscars”, “Golden globes” and the love of the audience. Today.Lifestyle offers an interesting selection – the best movies with the incomparable Barbara Streisand.

“Funny girl”

The script was written specifically for Streisand, it was the first film actress. It is based on the life of Fanny Brice. The film earned Streisand an international fame, for which she received the “Oscar” in the nomination “Best actress”. On the way to fame and success, Fanny Brice had to go from ugly duckling to beautiful Swan. On stage she is a star, armfuls of roses fell to the feet, the hall exploded with applause.

“A star is born”

Barbra received a second “Oscar” as the composer for “Best original song” in this film. In this nomination she became the first woman composer to receive the award. An aging rock musician John Norman Howard once again looks into a small music club sings Esther Hoffman. John survived all his long life in music and has long been a cynic, but the talent of the young singer touched him deeply.


In this film, Streisand first performed as an actress, producer, Director and scriptwriter. This experience was well received by critics and audiences. The film received 5 nominations for “Oscar”.

The film tells the story of a Jewish girl, who after the death of his father, a Rabbi, dressed in a guy and went to study at yeshiva. During the life of the father taught Yentl the law of Moses, studying the Torah with his daughter, as if she was a boy. Yentl follows in the footsteps of his father contrary to Jewish tradition, until life puts everything in its place.

“The mirror has two faces”

Streisand in this picture were made by Director, producer and performer of the title role, and the main theme music from the film I Finally Found Someone performed by Streisand and Bryan Adams were awarded nominations for “Oscar” and “Golden globe”.

Columbia University Professor Gregory Larkin places an ad in the newspaper Dating. By coincidence, thanks to this ad, he meets rose Morgan, a Professor of literature at the same University, which still lives in the same apartment with a domineering mother Hannah. Convinced that all problems in family life derive from sex, Gregory Larkin offers rose to marry him, thereby creating a relationship based on passion, and intellectual intimacy. The prospect of ending up a spinster in the company of the elderly mother, rose seems much worse than a marriage on these terms, and she agrees.

“Meet the Fockers”

The film became the most successful Comedy in history, earning more than 516 million dollars. After a long lull Barbra back on the big screen. Jack burns, a former CIA agent, gave permission to Greg Fockers for the marriage with his daughter pam, and Greg decided to acquaint his new family with his parents. For this family of Burns, consisting of Jack burns, his wife Dina, little Jack (his grandson) and not yet married to Greg and pam’s going to Miami.

Earlier, Barbra Streisand complained that getting fatter because of US President Donald trump.

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