Bardot's rant, no harassment, a helicopter in the pond… the main news in the region

Bardot's rant, no harassment, a helicopter in the pond... the main news in the region

L’essentiel de l’actu en région ce 3 mai. Brigade nautique de Leucate, D. Cayuela et MAXPP

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Soon a brand (of products) “Hérault” ?

#INITIATIVE The Department of Hérault has launched a public consultation in order to create its own brand. This marketing approach aims to better identify the products and services offered in the region, #in the manner of “Sud de France” deployed by the Region. "It’is a destination brand that can be used by all stakeholders who have an approach to offer in economics, sports, the environment or culture. But the central core is products linked to tourism", specifies vice-president Jean-Louis Gély. A questionnaire will be offered to the public this summer. The responses will be analyzed before the launch of the “Hérault” in 2025.

Relive the history of the Barbarians against the Romans

#NÎMESThis is the number of re-enactors, from all over Europe, who invade the arena of Nîmes, throughout the weekend (Saturday and Sunday at 3:30 p.m., from 15 € at 64 €), to bring to life the history of the Barbarians and the battle of Teutoburg against the Romans. This story rich in twists and turns will allow you to immerse yourself in the heart of the Empire. Also worth seeing, in the heart of the city, are numerous events including the night parade, this Saturday at 8:30 p.m. with the 600 fighters.

A competition, at school, to say « no to harassment »

#EDUCATION This is "a top priority", assures the rector. The fight against bullying at school is intensifying and the “No to Bullying” open to all establishments of the Montpellier academy is a tool. It gives a voice to young people from schools, colleges and high schools so that they can express themselves on the subject through the creation of a poster or a video. There were 22 projects in 2021, "we received 74 this year, a record", welcomed Sophie Béjean who sees it as the translation of a greater collective commitment. Ten prizes were awarded. Those for the best posters go to the Preixan primary school, the Gérard-Philipe college in Montpellier and the Joseph-Vallot high school in Lodève. Those rewarding the best videos were awarded to the Jean-Moulin school in Arles-sur-Tech (with the academic favorite), the Marcel-Pagnol college in Sérignan and the Christian-Bourquin high school in& rsquo;Argelès-sur-Mer. The Léonard-de-Vinci and Jean-Monet high schools in Montpellier and the Jean-Jaurès college in Saint-Chinian received special prizes.

An EID helicopter crashes into the Bages pond

#AUDEThe worst was avoided but it’s a real miracle. This Friday morning, a helicopter from the company Hélicoandrone, provider of the Mediterranean EID (Interdepartmental Mosquito Control Agreement), which treats coastal wetlands, crashed into the Bages pond, south of Narbonne. The reason for the accident is still unknown. The pilot, alone on board the machine, is safe and sound. He only suffered a few bruises and was able to be treated after being picked up by a fisherman. The EID says it has put in place measures to prevent any pollution, ensuring: "The tank of the device was free of any BTI treatment product",  a biological product based on bacteria effective against tiger mosquitoes.

Bardot criticizes the decree which authorizes the slaughter of dogs

#AVEYRON The prefecture of Aveyron and the sub-prefecture of Millau published a decree on April 10 authorizing the slaughter of "stray, wandering or malicious dogs", suspected of having attacked flocks of sheep, up to & rsquo;until May 10 in several municipalities. A decree which triggered hostile reactions from animal rights organizations. Including the Brigitte Bardot Foundation which asked, this Friday, May 3, the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin to "not let the prefects play cowboys" , denouncing "criminal initiatives". She recognizes "that it is necessary to protect the herds", but believes that killing the dogs and wolves with guns is "an imbecile and useless reflex" which &quot doesn't solve anything.

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