Barriault champion and soon married!

Marc-André Barriault kept his title of champion and won the heart of his sweet Friday night at Center Videotron. After defeating Brendan Kornberger by knocking out at 4:25 of the second round, the mixed martial arts fighter from Quebec asked for his sweetheart in the middle of the octagon.

The belt was hers, Jade Masson-Wong, the ring on her finger. Both had just experienced an incredible TKO 43 gala. Both had just won their fight. Both shone, and not just the metal of their respective jewel.

“I did not have enough pressure, I added it!” Launched a Barriault almost calm, after its spectacular victory won in front of a Videotron Center in reduced configuration where 4312 spectators took place.

Perfect scenario for the local darling, in his city, for a title and in what seems to be his last fight before reaching the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), major league of mixed martial arts. His next fight would be at UFC Fight Night in Calgary on July 28th.

“You’ve heard it all week, I’m the best in the country and the best middleweight in the world not to be in the UFC. I’m made for that, I want to live it, “said the one who heard the crowd chant” Barriault, Barriault “and” UFC, UFC “several times.

Favorite in his duel against Vancouver’s Kornberger (9-4), Barriault (10-1) made his first 185-pound belt defense with panache. His uppercut was devastating and the aspirant was not able to lengthen the scheduled clash for five five-minute rounds.

Still after the fight as in previous days, Barriault spoke of the fenced arena as a place where he can express himself to the fullest. He who in life is a nice cook in Quebec hospitals, clean and polite. “I let myself go and that’s the result! [Kornberger] was going well, he was hitting hard, but I was just waiting for my shot, “he summed up.

For the interested parties, the marriage proposal was a complete surprise for Madame, who in the process treated her “sick” lover. And she said yes!

Back in September

Back in the octagon of Jonathan Meunier (9-1), Loretteville, which had not occurred in a year and a half. The UFC veteran, who recently ruled him out for medical reasons, defeated Menad Abella (5-1) in a dull duel.

Three local fighters enjoyed their first pro win by judges: Masson-Wong (1-0), Dany Mallette (1-0) and Samuel Moisan (1-1). Joé Patry (0-1), Olivier Nadaud (0-2), Samuel Giguère (0-1) and Stéphane Lavoie (0-2) will wait for their part again, having bowed by submission.

Adam Dyczka (7-0), Granby, Alex Morgan (8-3), Blainville, TKO bantamweight champion Jesse Arnett (15-4), Alberta, and Poland’s Sylwia Juskiewicz (9-5) also won.

Special mention to the victim of Arnett. New Jersey 19-year-old Peruvian Sebastien Ruiz (3-1) won the crowd’s respect by resisting several attempts at strangulation by the 33-year-old specialist before succumbing to the end of the second round. To say that Ruiz accepted this fight a week’s notice!

TKO has already announced its return to Quebec City on September 21, again at the Videotron Center.

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