Bars frustrated at being left behind

Bars frustrated at being left behind< /p> UPDATE DAY

Bar owners across Quebec expressed frustration with the relaxations announced by Quebec on Tuesday, which will allow restaurant dining rooms to reopen as early as January 31.

The licensed establishments, on the other hand, will have to remain closed and have still not had any indication for the date of their reopening, which will come during a possible “third phase”, indicated Prime Minister François Legault.


The Corporation of Bar, Brewery and Tavern Owners of Quebec (CPBBTQ) and the Union of Quebec Bar Tenants (UTBQ) are therefore calling for “a little predictability as to their reopening”

The decision is all the more difficult to swallow, for the two organizations, as restaurants, on January 31, and performance halls, on February 7, will reopen for the collective mental good of the population, admitted the national director by of Quebec Public Health, Dr. Luc Boileau.

“Bars also respond to considerations of the same order: either socializing and having fun, two essential needs. Why then still classify bars in a separate category, when the same sanitary measures as those applicable in restaurants can be transposed there? ”, questioned the CPBBTQ and UTBQ in a letter addressed to Prime Minister François Legault and the Minister of Health and Social Services, Christian Dubé.

The two groups, which say they understand that the government wants to limit the spread of COVID-19, are demanding the right to reopen their doors from Friday, February 11.

This is “the only date that will allow [bars] to resume their activities in time to benefit from the economic spinoffs resulting from the Superbowl and Valentine's Day, which are the only lucrative events in this dark period of the beginning of the year, always difficult in our industry”, pleaded the two groups.

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