Bas-Saint-Laurent: psychological help for farmers

Bas-Saint-Laurent: de l'aide psychologique pour les agriculteurs

RIMOUSKI | Bas-Saint-Laurent now has two women of rank who have a mandate to provide psychological support to the farmers. A resource that happens to a point while the mental health is increasingly a concern in the agricultural world.

It must be said that the life of a farmer has its fair share of stress such as drought, labour, succession, and segregation to which we must now also add the COVID-19. This is why the help and support psychological are welcome for the farmers.

It’s been 17 years now that the women of rank are doing this work in several regions of Quebec. The Bas-Saint-Laurent did not always. They are now two, thanks to the financial support of the government of Quebec announced Thursday for the organization At the heart of farm families, of which reports of these women of rank.

“The agricultural producer who calls, who takes the time to call, he does not want to be told: “listen, you’re going to have an appointment in three weeks, on a Wednesday afternoon. Because it may be that in three weeks he will have hay to make and it will not come,” said Nathalie Roy, who chairs the organization At the heart of the farm families.

“It is an essential need for our producers and our beautiful farm succession. It’s been seven years that we expect and the conclusion is done today”, stated from his side, Gilbert Marquis, who is the president of l’UPA du Bas-Saint-Laurent.

“On the radar screen of the department, there is now a point, which glistens then it is the peculiarity of the psychological health of our farmers,” said the quebec minister of Agriculture, André Lamontagne.

The 2000 agricultural enterprises in the Bas-Saint-Laurent and also the 10 000 forest producers in the region can now benefit from this support. The two new workers highest in the region, are on the ground right now. For Quebec as a whole, they will soon be 13 to provide support directly for the farmers.

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