Baseball Hall of Fame: Scott Rolen to be inducted into Cooperstown

Baseball Hall of Fame: Scott Rolen to be inducted into Cooperstown


Former Toronto Blue Jays Scott Rolen was the only player to earn his ticket to the 2023 Baseball Hall of Fame on Tuesday.

< p>Rolen, in his sixth year of eligibility, received 76.3% of the votes from the Major League Baseball Reporters Association. He will only be the 18th third baseman to receive such an honor, the fewest of any position.

Surrounded by his family, Rolen struggled to hide his emotions during a video conference call broadcast on the MLB Network channel.

“This is my family here. This is where it all started in my life. This is the answer to everything that happens, he launched. You don't think [of the Hall of Fame while playing]. You think about doing your best, playing for your team. I never thought of the Hall of Fame.”

According to the official major league website, Rolen is the player with the largest increase in support from journalists when only 10.2% of them endorsed his induction in his first year of eligibility. .

No controversy

Rolen, now 47, played in the major leagues for 17 seasons, from 1996 to 2012. He played for the Philadelphia Phillies, St. Louis Cardinals, Jays and Cincinnati Reds. He appeared in 2,038 games, hitting 2,077, including 316 homers. He drove in 1,287 runs and scored 1,211 while maintaining a .281 batting average.

Questioned in what cap he wishes to be immortalized, Rolen offered a politician's answer, wishing to avoid any controversy…for now.

“I am lucky to have no idea what this situation can look like. I don't know what is recommended. I'm so uneducated on the issue that I'll take the advice,” he said, before speaking of Philadelphia in the first place during the customary acknowledgments.

Among the best

Rolen was the National League Rookie of the Year in 1997 and was invited to the All-Star Game seven times. He also got his hands on eight Golden Gloves; only Brooks Robinson (16), Nolan Arenado (10) and Mike Schmidt (10) have won more at third base.

Todd Helton (72.2%) and Billy Wagner (68.1%) were the two players who came closest to induction among the 27 athletes dismissed. Jeff Kent, who was in his 10th and final year of eligibility, will now be dismissed by virtue of his 46.5% support.

The induction ceremony is scheduled for July 23 in Cooperstown , in New York State. Fred McGriff, who was nominated by the Contemporary Baseball Era Committee in December, will also be memorialized.

Polling Table

  • Scott Rolen 76.3%
  • Todd Helton 72.2%
  • Billy Wagner 68.1%
  • Andruw Jones 58.1%
  • Gary Sheffield 55.0%
  • Carlos Beltran 46.5%
  • Jeff Kent 46.5%
  • Alex Rodriguez 35.7%
  • Manny Ramirez 33.2%
  • Omar Vizquel 19.5%
  • Andy Pettitte 17%
  • Bobby Abreu 15.4%
  • Jimmy Rollins 12.9%
  • Mark Buehrle 10.8%
  • Francisco Rodriguez 10.8%
  • Torii Hunter 6.9%

**The following players did not get the 5% needed to return on the ballots vote

  • Bronson Arroyo 0.3%
  • R.A. Dickey 0.3%
  • John Lackey 0.3%
  • Mike Napoli 0.3%
  • Huston Street 0.3%
  • Matt Cain 0.0%
  • Jacoby Ellsbury 0.0%
  • Andre Ethier 0.0%
  • J.J. Hardy 0.0%
  • Jhonny Peralta 0.0%
  • Jered Weaver 0.0%
  • Jayson Werth 0.0%