Bassem Braïki assaulted by Sadek Bourguiba, he breaks the silence : “Bassem is going to get together”

Bassem Braïki assaulted by Sadek Bourguiba : it comes out of the silence

Less than a week after he was attacked by Sadek Bourguiba, Bassem Bariki came out of silence this Saturday 15 February 2020. In a video shared on social networks, the blogger has done his mea culpa, thanked those who supported him and has called to bury the hatchet.

In the night of Monday 10 to Tuesday 11 February 2020, Bassem Braïki was violently beaten by Sadek habib Bourguiba in the bottom of his building, to Vénisseux. If the rapper was speaking from the aftermath on this assault, Bassem Braiki remained silent, until Saturday 15 February 2020. Out of the hospital, the blogger expressed himself in a video shared on social networks. Scar on the forehead, he goes back on the assault, ensuring not to want not to position itself as a victim. The blogger made his mea culpas : “I should change tack, while remaining the same, while remaining straight as an I. Emile Zola had said, ‘I accuse’. I say ‘I apologize'”.

Bassem Braiki spell of silence following the assault by Sadek

He apologizes to all those he was able to frustrate with his words and his videos : “it is true that I raised good topics, but I’m doing them improperly. I have no regrets. The only thing that I regret, it is the form, but the substance remains the same, and I wouldn’t change it.” Calling for peace, he thanked all those who supported him : “today, what makes me say this, it is the unprecedented mobilization that there has been. For a person like me, this is unprecedented. Of renois of Paris, white Paris, renois and white of the whole of France who said, ‘this guy, you don’t like it but he does not deserve it’. All these people who have supported me, I must think of you when I claim things. A lot of people say that Bassem divides. Bassem is going to get together. While remaining straight as an I, while keeping his values, his principles and his way of thinking”.

As a reminder, an investigation has been opened to violence with a weapon and in a meeting by the public prosecutor of Lyon and Sadek and one of his alleged accomplices have been detained.

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