Bassem Braiki beaten by Sadek, her brother gives her the news : “his condition is not critical”

Bassem Braiki tabassé par Sadek, son frère donne de ses nouvelles : "son état n'est plus critique"

Bassem Braiki beaten up by Sadek : the brother of youtubeur gives its new

In the aftermath of the violent aggression of Bassem Braiki by the rapper Sadek in the night of Monday to Tuesday, the brother of the blogger is out of the silence. After having given the news of his brother, Bayrem Braiki denounces an attempted murder and urges calm in the face of calls for vengeance.

After the beating of Bassem Braiki by the rapper Sadek, while the world ignites on social networks. It must be said that a video taken and shared by the rapper himself showed the violence of the assault. Batons, fists, feet… Sadek showed off his bloodied hands on Twitter. But what is the state of the blogger ? If one of the friends of Bassem says that he is in a coma and may have scars for life, Celia, presented as the mother of his children and of which he is now separated, said that he is “between life and death.” Except that, according to the site, Lyon Mag, its days would not be in danger, and Bassem would have already talked with the investigators.

Bayrem Braiki, the brother of Bassem, gives his new

In an interview with the Progress, Bayrem Braiki, the brother of the blogger, gave his news : “my brother is going to better, his condition is more critical. He is aware and told us what happened. He came home from his job at Carbone Savoie. After parking his car, he came to 5 hours to his building when he was attacked, beaten almost to death. By survival instinct, he has managed to get him home, where my mother has recovered and called the fire department.”

In a beating that he compares to “a murder attempt” : “A group of five people, including the rapper Sadek, came to get revenge due to the cancellation of a concert in Saint-Priest, which was charged to my brother. It is a settlement of accounts by bladed weapons. We do not come to Paris for nothing. The intent is there, compounded by the fact that the scene was filmed and spread on the social networks. It is a shame !”.

He calls for calm

For him, the mea culpa of Sadek, “that’s buzz !”. So that one “sees bloom calls for violence and revenge”, the one who is elected to Vénissieux urges calm : “Our family does not want it ! We are victims and we want to repair, but by justice. It does its work serenely. We are against the hate, against the exploitation and recovery policies. We call in the peace, condemn the violence that is organized.” As a reminder, a survey of fragrance has been opened to violence with a weapon and in a meeting by the public prosecutor of Lyon on Tuesday morning.

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