Bastard son of a movie star Patrick Swayze require $ 20 million inheritance (photos)

The movie stars Patrick Swayze, who died from cancer in 2009, was an illegitimate child. A Jason whittle claims to be a native son of actor. It is reported by the American edition of Globe. According to Jason his mother Bonnie Kay whittle met with Patrick in Missouri in 1972, when she was only 15 years old and he is 20. In Missouri Swayze, who began his career as a dancer, was on tour dance show.
The result is short-term travelers (young people spent together only one night) came to light Jason. Now the man, who himself is already a father of three children, 44. He says he was unaware that his father — until then, until the mother admitted him shortly before his death from cancer in 2012.



Sam Swayze also had no idea that he has a son. The Jason now requires a DNA test which proved the paternity of the actor, and wants to get half of his inheritance.
Officially the only of the beloved actor, known for the films “Dirty dancing”, “Ghost”, “road House”, was his wife, actress Lisa Niemi. They met at ballet school, when Patrick Swayze was 18 and Lisa 15, were married in 1975 and lived happily together until his death. The only thing that marred their life — the lack of children. All my money (about $ 40 million) he bequeathed the lease.
Niemi, which in 2014 is re-married jeweler albert Deprisco, claims that the story of Jason — a fake. The experts say that Patrick and Jason look very similar. So, comparing photos, plastic surgeon Anthony youn told the newspaper that they have the same shape and color eyes, similar nose shape, lip and forehead.
Grandmother of Jason whittle Labette confirms the words of his grandson. Brother Bonnie Ron also said that his sister was in a relationship with a guy named Patrick. And that she told him later that he then “began to act in films”.

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