Bathers oblivious to Shannon

Baigneurs insouciants à Shannon

The measures of social distancing, appear to have been forgotten by the hundreds of bathers who flocked to the beach to Shannon, yesterday afternoon, in search of freshness.

“With the summer and the heat, people have forgotten a little the pandemic. There’s really not two meters between people, ” says Eric Ouellet, a neighbor of the beach. It appears each day the refusal of the bathers to bend to the demands of public health.

While the mercury was 30 °C, The Journal was able to see that hundreds of people in swimsuits and sandals had great difficulty in maintaining their distances. “It’s like this almost every day for over two weeks. It was confined three months, then one benefits from it, ” said the Newspaper a swimmer a native of the place.

This beach is so popular that the big three parking spaces in its vicinity were crowded, and some drivers have even taken the risk to park in prohibited places, at the risk of getting a ticket.

If some were careful, many are those who have not respected the rule of two meters.

“What is it distancing ? “

Earlier this week, the national director of public health, Horacio Arruda, warning Quebecers not to relax their vigilance in the face of the pandemic of coronavirus which could lead to a second wave.

However, several vacationers encountered by The Log to the beach and Shannon seemed to consider the COVID-19 like a distant memory.” What is the distance ? “, started laughing, a young man from Sainte-Catherine-de-la-Jacques-Cartier. Let’s say that you can’t do much to respect that here. “

“We try to pay attention, but we don’t take it too the head with it,” says one of his friends.

The passage of the Log, nobody was wearing a mask and no figure of authority to ensure the compliance with the measures of distance.

According to
visitors encountered, the beach is crowded with people
for more than two weeks.

Yet this

“People have long perceived that the case originated in hosting centers,” says Diane Lamarre, professor of clinic at the faculty of pharmacy, University of Montreal, on the decrease of vigilance of the Québécois.

“But over the past three weeks, the new cases are nearly all observed in the community,” she says.

According to it, the beaches are places where there is a potentially significant risk of contamination, if we do not follow the measures of social distancing, because of the activities and the excitement of the holidaymakers. However, swimming in public swimming pools would be more secure, because the virus is particularly sensitive to the chlorine that we put into it.

“To those who thought that the heat would destroy the virus, you need to look at what is happening in the southern United States. It is really the disaster there. So we can’t assume […] that the virus will be completely inactivated due to the heat, ” she concludes.

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