Batman’s not a real super-hero ? Robert Pattinson downplays his character

Batman pas un vrai super-héros ? Robert Pattinson rabaisse son personnage

Batman’s not a real super-hero ? Robert Pattinson tackle his character

Successor of Ben Affleck in the role of Bruce Wayne for the future film The Batman of Matt Reeves, Robert Pattinson has shown no mercy for his character. According to him, it would not be a true super-hero.

Batman, a fake hero ?

A few weeks ago, Robert Pattinson – new interpreter of Bruce Wayne in the film, told the New York Times does not consider Batman as a hero : “He is not a hero. It is a character complicated. I don’t think I will be able to play a true hero. There is always something that is not going to.

A criticism that can be heard in the light of the different actions carried out by the Black Knight – after all, its darkness is still his best sidekick during missions, but that has not pleased all the fans. We speak still of a type that, rather than taking advantage of his fortune to hang out in the sun, spends all his evenings to save his city from the worst criminals. That doesn’t hurt the definition of a hero…

Robert Pattinson vs Batman

These criticisms have motivated the actor to take a step back in order to be reconciled with a part of the public ? Not at all. The occasion this time an interview with Willie Geist in the show Today, Robert Pattinson preferred to add a layer : “Batman is not a super-hero“.

According to him, the angel of Gotham City would simply not meet the criteria to deserve such a name : “It is strange, but it annoys me still. For me, it doesn’t count. To be a super-hero, you have to have sort of magical powers“.

Again, the speech can be heard. However, when one knows the knock-on-human that is forced Bruce Wayne to become Batman and when you know that it is one of the few characters DC have beaten Superman in the comics, the qualifier of “super-hero” there is nothing illogical either.

Yes, Robert Pattinson has not yet donned the costume of Batman in front of the camera of Matt Reeves, but he has already made more enemies than his new character. The lose.

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