Batwoman and Nancy Drew : the CW orders full seasons !

Batwoman et Nancy Drew : la CW commande des saisons complètes !

Batwoman and Nancy Drew : the CW orders full seasons !

You love Batwoman or Nancy Drewm or even both ? Well, you’re going to be happy to learn that the CW has ordered full seasons of these two series. A command fast enough, since they had only just started on the chain. The success is already waiting for you !

After Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash, Riverdale, The 100, which will have the right to a spin-off in the form of a prequel, or even Legends of Tomorrow, the CW has launched two new series, Batwoman (with Ruby Rose) and Nancy Drew (with Kennedy McMann), the 6 and 9 October 2019.

Nine additional scenes for Batwoman and Nancy Drew

The first tells of the debut of Kate Kane, three years after the disappearance of Batman. While Gotham City is overrun by criminals and that the police do not know how to manage the crimes, the cousin of Bruce Wayne transforms into the senshi to restore order, but she must also confront her own demons. The character of Batwoman played by Ruby Rose has been introduced in the crossover between Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl, Elseworlds.

The second show is adapted from the saga of detective novels Alice Roy, aka Nancy Drew in the original version. After the death of his mother, the detective, an 18-year-old has set aside his academic projects and his passion for crimes and various facts to work as a waitress in her hometown. Except that a murder is going to completely overturn her life. It will be found to be the main suspect, but the investigation is most likely going to dig up secrets on his life.

To take the temperature, thirteen episodes of the Batwoman and Nancy Drew have been planned for at the beginning, but the CW already seems to have full confidence in both of these series because she has just ordered nine additional. So this means that season 1 of the show american will feature twenty-two episodes in all. This decision is pretty fast, but not necessarily surprising, since Batwoman is one of the series the most-watched shows on the CW.

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