Batwoman : the return of Tom Welling (Smallville) disappoints with a big revelation

Batwoman : le retour de Tom Welling (Smallville) déçoit avec une grosse révélation

Smallville : big revelation and a HUGE disappointment for the return of Tom Welling in the Arrowverse

The Crossover in the 5 parts within the Arrowverse, Crisis on Infinite Earths has allowed designers to incorporate to the intrigue is the Clark Kent of Smallville portrayed by Tom Welling. Problem, the problem is back with a twist extremely disappointing. Attention gros spoilers.

After killing Oliver Queen from the Part 1 of Crisis of Infinite Earths, the new crossover in the Arrowverse, the writers have taken advantage of the part 2 – aired on Monday, December 9 in the US in episode 9 of season 1 of Batwoman, for we are again breaking your heart.

Don’t worry, no new character is death. However, there has been a nasty troll from the creators about the plot surrounding the Clark Kent of Smallville portrayed by Tom Welling. Not only its appearance on the screen was of a short duration and was not used for large thing (all this teasing for it…), but most of all, he appeared in the plot with a huge twist, especially frustrating.

The new life of Clark

In this episode, we have been able to follow Lex Luthor of Earth-38 is fun to travel the multiverse with the objective to kill all of the Superman. It is at this time that it was discovered that Clark Kent of Smallville lives in reality on Earth-167 and that he now has a whole new life, far from the teasée by the end of his own series in 2011.

In fact, while Clark kissed him, FINALLY, his destiny as Superman in the last seconds of Smallville, Lex Luthor – surprised not succeed to kill the character of Tom Welling with his kryptonite, finally learned in this crossover that the hero of Metropolis has simply abandoned its powers in order to devote himself to a life of a farmer and of good father of the family Laws and their children. That is, this is…

Tom Welling happy

So good, don’t worry, despite the absence of his powers, Clark is still badass when he wants to, evidenced by his punch launched to Lex Luthor. Nevertheless, this is still disappointing to see that the writers have sacrificed the whole evolution of Clark Kent in Smallville to just set the stage here a “happy ending”.

The only consolation in spite of everything, if this new life of Clark we are disappointed, however, it is validated and approved by the comedian. During a meeting with the press, Marc Guggenheim (showrunner) revealed : “Tom Welling was excited. He said ‘I love it. You have written the scene that I can’t refuse’. Which was very cool.” Too bad for us, so much the better for him.

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