Bazinyan and Fox respect the weight limit

Bazinyan and Fox meet weight limit


It was weigh-in day for Thursday's Eye Of The Tiger Management gala at the Casino de Montreal.

Montreal boxer Erik Bazinyan (28 -0, 21 KOs) and his challenger Alantez Fox (28-3-1, 13 KOs) all weighed in for their clash in the final of Thursday's event. The first weighed 167.5 lbs on the scale, while the other tipped the scales at 167 lbs.

“This is a very important fight for me, because I'm going to get several chances after that,” Bazinyan said after the weigh-in. I'm 100% ready for a good win and it's going to be spectacular for the fans.”

At 140 lbs on the scale, Junior Ulysse (22-2, 12 KOs) didn't had no trouble making the weight for his meeting with Gabriel Gollaz Valenzuela (25-3-1, 15 KOs) in the semi-finals. The Mexican weighed a pound less than him.

Alexandre Gaumont Raphaël Courchesne (9-1, 4 KOs), Christopher Guerrero (5-0, 1 KOs), Avery Martin-Duval (8-0-1, 4 KOs) and Wilkens Mathieu, in his professional debut, are all on the boxing card for this gala.

Gaumont's opponent, Mexican Carlos Gallego Montijo (8-4, 6 KOs), was also unable to meet the 160 lb limit.