Beaten and robbed after having withdrawn$ 200,000 to the bank

Battu et volé après avoir retiré 200 000$ à la banque

A California man has been violently beaten by a thief with 200 000$ he had to withdraw at the bank.

Francisco Cornejo, 55, has sold his home and went to recover the amount of the sale at the bank last week, reports ABC News.

While he was on the point of embarking in his car, a man attacked him.

The victim has tried everything to try to keep the bag that contained all that he had, but in vain.

“He fought for his savings and he was doing everything possible to keep the bag and bring it back with him,” says his lawyer, Nathan Soleimani.

A passer-by managed to capture the scene, but no one stepped in to help. Francisco was left on the ground covered in bruises.

The FBI is in search of the thief, and analysis the tapes of video surveillance of nearby businesses.

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