Beaten hard by the police for a Big Mac story

Hit by police over Big Mac story


A video showing a woman being violently hit in the head by a police officer has sparked a police investigation. It seems the whole story started due to a Big Mac. 

In the video, two police officers try to arrest Latinka Hancock, who is resisting arrest on Monday , in a parking lot. One of the officers then punched her three times in the head before handcuffing her, according to footage obtained by TMZ.

Ms Hancock's lawyer, Michael Wright, claims that his customer had ordered and paid for a Big Mac extra cheese, but when she received her order, the extra cheese was not there.

Still according to what Mr. Wright told TMZ, McDonald's employees decided to call the police when things got ugly with Latinka Hancock.

From CNN video, Ms Hancock recounts asking for a refund which was denied.

His lawyer insists his client was trying to leave the McDonald's when she was confronted by Butler Township police.

< p>With a bloody face, Mrs. Hancock was allegedly sent yé in the hospital where he was diagnosed with a head injury. 

According to CNN, the investigation into the behavior of the two police officers, which began on Tuesday, has already been completed. Only one of the two officers has been placed on administrative leave without pay. 

Ms Hancock's lawyer is asking that the two officers be fired and charged. They demand an independent investigation and an end to police brutality.