Beaten to death in a park in Montreal

Battu à mort dans un parc de Montréal

A fifty-year-old beaten in a park in Montreal three weeks ago has died of his injuries, causing a shock to his family, who still does not understand why he was killed.

“My father had a good heart… We had seen the day before, to do commissions… I have never been so wrong, I’m traumatized “, – has emotionally declared Melissa Pludowski, Thursday at the palais de justice of Montreal.

The tragedy that has claimed the life of Christophe Pludowski occurred on the 26th of may in a park near the Atwater metro in Montreal.

The circumstances are still unclear and the police investigation is not complete, but it would seem that everything has started by an argument between the victim and a woman.

Hit in the head

While the two were arguing, a man, Matthew Croxen, would have intervened by throwing an object at the victim. Croxen then allegedly grabbed a wooden plank and would violently hit Mr. Pludowski to the head, according to what it has been possible to learn.

Badly wounded, the fifty-year-old was quickly transported to hospital where he was diagnosed with a fracture of the skull. For days, his family prayed for him to heal, but their hopes were dashed on June 7.

“We couldn’t do anything, my father went on to join God,” said Melissa Pludowski. I don’t have a word to describe what I feel. My dad was my best friend and I lost it. “


Battu à mort dans un parc de Montréal

Matthew Croxen

Following the assault, the police had put the hand in the collar of Matthew Croxen, 37 years old.

The resident of LaSalle, who has a long criminal history, including violent crimes, has been accused of aggravated assault.

His last conviction dates back to 2017, when he has been sentenced to 12 months imprisonment for an assault army.

However, as Mr. Pludowski is now deceased, he might be accused of murder or at least manslaughter, once the major crime section of the Montreal police have completed their investigation.

“I don’t know what my father was doing there, I hope that the investigation will be thorough, said the daughter of the victim. To do our mourning, we need to know what happened. “

Currently in preventive detention in the establishment of Rivière-des-Prairies, Croxen was back in court Thursday for his investigation on release, but the hearing was postponed to next month.

“The prosecution is going to change given that the complainant is deceased,” said his lawyer, Patrick Ball.

By then, he will remain detained. If he is accused of murder, he will risk a life in prison.

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