Beating children in school in the Dnipropetrovsk region: fresh details. Video

Избиение детей в школе на Днепропетровщине: свежие детали. Видео

Student accused of beating her classmates.In the Dnipropetrovsk region students fought to a concussion and a dislocated arm. Thus ended the quarrel between the students of the 4th class of the Krivoy Rog school. Fight two girls-sisters and a boy.

It is reported by the with reference to TSN.

Victims say it happened when the teacher left the classroom and left for home the eldest of the girls – Mila. She recorded those who misbehaved, made a mistake in the names of his classmates. He seems to have turned out one of the sisters hand, and the second struck his chest so that she flew and hit the Board.

“When the girls came home after class, I showed a hematoma in the older. Junior felt very bad. I immediately called an ambulance and the police,” said the mother Ksenia Holodnitsky.

Doctors diagnosed a sprain, a bruised sternum and a concussion.

At school though, and recognize that between children there was a conflict, but argue that the fight never came.

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