Beaucaire would have deserved better

Beaucaire would have deserved better

Esteban Marre and his family were not rewarded. MY.

National 3/17th day. The Beaucairois, who occupy 7th place in the ranking, gave the leader a hard time. In vain.



Stade Philibert-Schneider.

Half-time: 0-1.

Referee: M. Bayour.

Goal for Istres:< /b> Cabon (22nd).

Warning to Beaucaire: Hsissane (33rd).

Stade Beaucairois lost at home despite a very good match, against Istreans who knew how to remain patient (0-1).

This first period is intense. The start of the match is to the advantage of the Gardois imposing their game.

Despite high opposing pressure, the team remains solid and appears dangerous, as shown from Sylla who sees his attempts (12th, 17th) escape the target.

The locals show a lot of desire and dominate this meeting. However, on an Istrian counterattack, Cabon managed to score in two stages, despite a save from Ichalalen (0-1, 22nd). A goal scored against the run of play, the favorites, being dominated, were able to be realistic. However, Beaucaire continues to fight in a contested match, like Marre, the team does not spare its efforts.

A first period controlled by the Gardois, but who lacked the precision to equalize in this meeting. At the end of the first period, the game rebalances, and the visitors' defense remains solid, despite the Beaucairoises attacks (40th, 45th).

As often, the last gesture is lacking at the Stadium

The second half starts strong, a good strike de Tueba is captured by Ichalalen (47th).

The Istrians want to make the break quickly and are more aggressive. But the Gardois responded through Akrour who was unable to regain the ball in the opposing area (49th). The meeting opens up more and more, the Pacaïens are very dangerous, but the courageous Occitans do not give up.

Like Tamba, the Stadium manages to build the game, but the opposing defense remains dominant, Yanga-Mbiwa blocks the locals' attacks (67th, 68th). However, at the end of the match, Istres resumed the flow of the game. Beaucaire's united and combative team pressed relentlessly, but lacked success, Mouret saw his shot just barely hit the target (88th). The Blues seek the equalizer, but are exposed to the counter, Tueba finds himself face-to-face against Ichalalen, who allows his team to stay in the game (89th) but the Beaucairois will not be rewarded for their good match and do not earn any additional points.

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