Beauticians suggested how to quickly get rid of the “bags” under the eyes

Косметологи подсказали, как быстро избавиться от "мешков" под глазами

To the appearance of bags under the eyes, it may cause incorrect usage of cosmetics.Swollen skin under the eyes – a typical morning “surprises”, which presents to us the appearance.

As for home, you can remove bags under the eyes, writes the with reference to 24apteka.

Experts say that the appearance of bags under the eyes can lead different reasons. Consider the most common.

Eating and drinking before bed the night before. In particular, spicy and salty snacks. But the appearance of the characteristic swelling in the area of the lower eyelid can lead and seemingly less dangerous in this respect, food – in any case it contains a liquid and salt and possibly other additives.

What I can do. Doctors recommend about 20 minutes before Breakfast, drink a large mug of green tea – this will accelerate the excretion of excess fluid from the body.

To the lower eyelid, you can apply patches, and use a special cream with draining, firming skin effect.

A little trick. The models for quick clean up skin around the eyes, sometimes use ointment designed for dealing with hemorrhoids. They include cooling the skin and menthol, and other components that are designed to reduce swelling.

Also to the appearance of bags under the eyes can result in improper use of cosmetics, in particular creams. The risk of waking up one morning with swollen skin under the eyes is increased further if the cream is applied to the face directly before going to bed.

What I can do. First of all, you need to use the cream designed for your age category.

Also we must remember that the skin under the eyes doesn’t like creams, designed for skin, for this area of the face should be a special tool. Storing eye creams in the refrigerator better – it increases its lifting effect.

Beautiful (sometimes instantaneous) effect of tightening the skin under the eyes gives RUB ice cubes from the infusion of chamomile.

Another reason for the puffiness under the eyes may be sleeping on the wrong pillow. Experts believe that should sleep on the pillow smooth as possible or on the pillow with a cushion under the neck.

What I can do. Moisten the skin under the eyes water, lie down and apply to the skin, cut slices of raw potato or cucumber for 15 minutes. Then rinse the skin with cold water and apply on eyelids cream for the swelling.

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