Beauty and drama: the TOP 5 films shot in the Carpathians

These films show the beauty of the Ukrainian Carpathians and the depth of Hutsul life

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Красота и драма: ТОП-5 фильмов, снятых в Карпатах

Frame from the film “shadows of forgotten ancestors”

On the day in the resort town of Yaremcha Hutsul open was the First carnival attended by the correspondent of “Today”. The beauty of the Carpathians is so impressive and exciting that I could not help thinking, as you have not made films?! But this question already has dozens of answers – films that were shot in the Ukrainian mountains.

Watch the video about how Ukrainian cinema is gaining momentum:

By the way, not so long ago in Yaremche, there was a Festival of Ukrainian film, which told the Chairman of the Board of visitors of Yaremche region entrepreneurs, the owner of Romantik Spa Hotel Ivan Gawron. We offer you to remember the movie that was filmed in the Carpathian mountains.

“Shadows of forgotten ancestors”, 1965

Film by Sergei Parajanov based on the eponymous novel by Mikhail Kotsyubinsky. This story is about a Hutsul Romeo and Juliet: the bright love of Ivan and Marichka of the warring birth. Ivan is forced to go to work, and Marichka dies in river depths. Ivan could not forget his beloved. Next all the more dramatic. The film was shot in a real Hutsul huts and the surroundings of the village of Kryvorivnya Verkhovyna district Ivano-Frankivsk region, where Mikhail Kotsyubinsky wrote his story.

“The Carpathian gold”, 1991

Picture directed by Victor Zhivolub. The film starred famous actors such as Ivan Gavrilyuk, Natalya Sumska, Olga Sumskaya, Michael Gornostai, Konstantin Stepankov, Yevgeny Mironov and others.In the story, challenging the fate of the protagonist of tape – a young Forester of Crapivca, who served in the Waffen SS, and then in the OUN. The end of the 40s In the NKVD receives a coded message: the group of German saboteurs looking for Carpathian gold. With the aim to stay ahead of the enemy security officers recruited Forester. Along with the Soviet secret Olga they should, supposedly, look for a place to cut wood. In fact, before Kraivichien tasked with protecting her, which collects information about the actions of the German group of saboteurs left in the recesses of the posse, and looking for gold…

“Chervona Ruta”, 1971

This is a TV concert film, starring Sofia Rotaru, Vasyl Zinkevych, Volodymyr Ivasyuk, Levko Dutkivsky, Nazariy Yaremchuk and others. In the story, the train “Donetsk-Verkhovyna” meet the Carpathian, the girl Oksana and a young miner Boris. A guy and a girl fall in love with each other. In the Carpathian mountains their paths diverge, but Boris is looking for a beautiful stranger. They meet again, and they invite their friends to sing at a concert for the campers. This simple, only the dashed line indicating the plot serves as a “framework” for song of the concert program.

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“Legend Of The Carpathians”, 2017

A film by Sergei Skaboom, talks about the leader of the liberation movement of the Carpathian opryshky in the eighteenth century Oleksa Dovbush. The main role in the film played by Valery harchishin and Maria Yaremchuk.

“Stone cross”, 1968

Painting By Leonid Osyka. The basis of the film’s plot is based on two short stories Stefanik “Court” and “Stone cross.” Once Leonid osika being a student, said Ivan Drach, I would like to film Stefanik. The poet was struck by this idea, because Russian-speaking Kiev, which was the future Director of this film, could hardly pass a specific style of Western life. However, the idea was so impressed the Drach that he wrote the script.

We will remind, earlier “Today” gave an overview of the Ukrainian film “Home”.

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