Beauty in hot weather : 5 new care to adopt pharmacy

Beauté en temps de canicule : 5 nouveaux soins à adopter en pharmacie

This is not a secret to the gurus of cosmetic products : the arrival of beautiful days request a beauty routine quite different from that of the winter. With the heat wave that has prevailed in Québec, here are 5 new affordable care-to-adopt and easy to find in pharmacy.

For the face : Pure thermal – Water micellar mineral of Vichy

Any beauty adviser will tell you, a beautiful skin always starts with a good cleaning. Thus, the care-home beauty Vichy presents to us this spring of its new water micellar mineral without rinsing. It cleanses, removes makeup, soothes & strengthens the skin. It is a solution deep cleansing effective removes all impurities from the skin, the particles of pollution and make-up. In addition, this water micellar mineral is suitable for all skin types. *For only$ 29.95 – Available-in-pharmacy and online on the website

For the feet : Cream foot beauty Caudalie

While beauty salons have been slow to reopen their doors because of the COVID-19, it is now necessary to find tricks to get a pedicure worthy of the professionals. To do this, our feet need lots of hydration. Caudalie offers so cream foot beauty, enriched with Vinolevure®, grape-seed oil, and organic shea butter and equitable. This creamy balm nourishes and repairs your foot without feeling greasy. Its fresh texture provides a sensation of immediate well-being. And what about its pleasing scent of notes of citrus and fresh mint!

* $ 20.00 – Available online only

For the body Lotion is enriched with oil of coconut & Mono Oil Nivea

Nothing more enjoyable than a skin healthy and well hydrated. Like the face, the rest of the body also need care, especially during water activities. The company Nivea launches its new lotion is enriched with oil of coconut and Mono Oil. Thus, one can enjoy all the benefits of a nourishing oil, but in a lotion delicately scented of coconut, which penetrates quickly into the skin, for a soft and silky skin. * At$ 9.99 – Available in pharmacies

For the hair : The shampoo Clinic-SM

With bathing in swimming pools, hair can be damaged or dehydrated by the chlorine. The quebec-based family business Clinic-SM has created the shampoo of the same name, composed of two ingredients : phospholipids, sunflower seed entering the hair fibre and hyaluronic acid, both of which are moisturizers that are very effective. The scalp is well hydrated and the hair becomes so silky that it is not necessary to use a conditioner. Without sulfates and fragrance-free, this shampoo is the subtle aroma can be used on boats, camping or for any outdoor sport.

*At$ 19.99 – Available online only

Sunscreen : Anthelios screen, ultra fluid, La Roche-Posay

Whether at the park, on a golf course or swimming pool, protect the skin from the sun is essential. The brand very popular La Roche-Posay offers a multitude of sunscreens, but their novelty is sure to appeal to all types of skins. It is a product Ultra Fluid Anthelios reformulated. Recommended by dermatologists in Canada, this solar care for the face with broad-spectrum provides a high protection with SPF 50, is water resistant, does not leave a greasy feel, or filter to white on the skin.

* For only$ 29 – Available in pharmacies and at

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