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How to make “cat eyes” with different kinds of eyeliner

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Уроки красоты: учимся рисовать стрелки

How to draw beautiful arrows and what fit

All the girls come to the delight of flawless shooter. But, alas, not each of us is able to draw them neatly, clean, beautiful. And if you want special makeup on September 1, Today.Lifestyle will tell you how to do it at home and how easy it is to master the “pointer” technique. Don’t be afraid, it is the power of each. The main thing – to decide on the method of application.

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There are several options for eyeliner: classic, liquid, dry extrusion, gel, or cream eyeliner pen, pencil, also, the arrows can be draw with shadow for eyes – wet method. Now about each product in more detail.

The easiest way to draw arrows in pencil. Pros: easy to adjust the line thickness, saturation, used in virtually all colors. Cons: if the pencil is hard enough, the stylus scratches the eye; hard to display the tail of the arrow.

Liquid eyeliners are mostly aces – you need to fill out to get the line. Pros: rich color; eyeliner you can paint the not, the roots of the lashes. Cons: reprinted in the century; at the slightest “miss” have to wipe off all eye makeup; brush often uncomfortable.

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Dry extruded liner is a panacea. It looks like the shadow, and to cause her to moisten a brush in water. Pros: works like liquid eyeliner, but not reprinted in the century. Any mistake can be erased with a dry cotton swab to clean — dirt will not. Very economical and lasting option. Minus: the color is not the most stable. By the way, watercolor shade (applied wet), can also be used as an eyeliner, but the result will not be persistent.

Gel (or cream) eyeliner is sold in small jars, similar in consistency to a lipstick or lip balm. Of all the options – this is the best. This eyeliner is easy to apply translational movements, it does not spread. Not reprinted, you have to let it dry just a couple of seconds. Very durable, but mistakes are easy to touch up with a brush in concealer Nude. By the way, convenient when applying to use the angled brush with synthetic bristles – so product like is imprinted on the eyelid.

See video tutorial how to draw arrows eyeliner for beginners:

Eyeliner pen – this was a very popular phenomenon. It really is the kind of pen or marker, the core of which contains ink in the form of a kind of ink. Pros: dries quickly, you can draw not only arrows, but also small decorative elements with a fantasy makeover. Minus: actually to adjust the width of the arrows is very difficult.

By the way, you can combine the methods of applying eyeliner. For example, pencil duplicate gel eyeliner, and dry extruded – marker. All – for durability and color saturation.

How to draw arrows to the eyes?

Hands can afford not each. For example, if the upper mobile eyelid hangs a hood (mostly the women), the arrow will only aggravate the situation. And women who have the “falling” of the eye (the outer corner is all the way down), should draw an arrow with a tail extending to the eyebrows. This will visually lift the falling edge.

Erase a video on how to draw an arrow to school:

Small slit-like eyes can be “opened” by two arrows. One is drawn under the lower lashes, the second along the line growth upper lashes (make it wide enough). Tails is not connected, and are displayed parallel to each other.

Drooping eyes can be raised due to the wide arrow on the upper eyelid. Close-set needs to be diluted due to the arrow keys, starting with middle of eye and out a few millimeters beyond the outer corner. Widely spaced closer due to the arrows-a”tick” on the inner corner of the eye.

How to draw arrows on the eyes?

Remember the cardinal rule: any need to draw an arrow with an open eye. When the eyes that we closed, a line is obtained with gaps, uneven, and the tail is set the wrong direction, it either reaches down and pulls the eye, or “sticks out” from the eye with a stick.

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  1. Stand before a mirror and look straight ahead. Start to draw a thin line from the center of the eye to the outer corner, but do not lead to the edge. Stop here and put a dot on the eyelid where your arrow should end. Connect the main line with a point the beautiful “comma”. When the eyeliner has dried, start a line from the inner corner of the eye and bring it to our main arrows.
  2. It’s better to draw the arrow as thin as possible wider it will always have time to do.
  3. Try to get between the lashes and the arrow was not of the lumen. For this, when drawing the line, gently pull the skin of the eyelids with a finger.

Useful tips for beginners

If the arrow is turned sloppy, and time for make-up removing not, try to shade it (if you allow the texture of the product). Blocking the line shadow get smoky make-up eyes.

Do not use on eyelids cream before eye makeup: no shadows, no liner will not lay down evenly. Hands better just to draw, when the eyes already have the shade: so the result will be as clean as possible.

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