Became known, the age at which sports are most beneficial

Стало известно, в каком возрасте занятия спортом приносят наибольшую пользу

After analyzing the results of extensive sociological research, which was conducted in the United States of America in the mid 90-ies of the last century, scientists have found that exercise is especially useful for people 40 years and older.

The corresponding research project, as reported by the Jama Network journal Open, was conducted in cooperation of scientists from the UK, USA and some other countries, writes the with reference to

It turned out that the people who lived to forty years, more than others need regular exercise, as at this age their effect is particularly pronounced.

“Polls made among Americans of different age groups, showed that 40 is the ideal age to reconsider his attitude to the sport, if you previously were not interested in anything like that. Statistics show that forty people who decided to change your lifestyle and exercise, able to achieve quite impressive results, that is, neither in which case you should not believe that in 40 years too late to increase your physical fitness,” say the authors of the study.

Scientists say that among the people who played sports only in forty years (or later), markedly reduced the number of premature deaths, plus, such people have a much lower risk of developing potentially deadly diseases.


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