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From spider-Man starts a new interesting phase in the movie

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Стала известна судьба Человека-паука в киновселенной Marvel

“Spider-man: Away from home”

As you know, around the further participation of spider-Man in kynoselen Marvel has a serious scandal. Studio Marvel, owned by Disney Corporation, are unable to reach agreement with the rights to spider-Man by Sony Pictures. Now the head of Sony Pictures Tony Vinciquerra at the summit of the publication Variety has officially confirmed the news of resignation of spider-Man from kynoselen Marvel.

In addition, learn about unknown versions of known movies:

Vinciquerra stated that “at the moment the door closed,” and “life – long thing.” You can make the assumption that he is referring to the possible return of the hero in Marvel movies. Also, the head of Sony Pictures explained that no one was doing anything to spite each other just Sony and Disney could not agree on the financing of projects.

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Another reason is the workload of the head of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige Marvel new projects. Vinciquerra notes that they are looking for an opportunity to solve this, but failed.

Moreover, Sony Pictures is now very ambitious plans: to launch its own kynoselen in which there is venom, Morbius and spider-Man, which will get 5-6 series. What is this series – not reported. Probably talking about the cartoons and maybe a show.

Vinciquerra sure that spider-Man will quietly exist outside the MCU. About Tom Holland don’t say anything.

We will remind, earlier “Today” did a little review of the film “spider-Man: Away from home”.

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