Became known, whence the strange spot on planet Ceres

Стало известно, откуда взялись странные пятна на планете Церера

Scientists have solved the mystery.

Some time ago a NASA spacecraft on the surface of the dwarf planet Ceres recorded a strange light spot, according to the with reference to the news of the world.

Experts from the University of Texas at Austin and the jet propulsion Laboratory, NASA decided to study in detail the volcanic activity, which formed the data of the mysterious spots. According to scientists, the observed anomaly may be a key link in the diffusion of the ingredients for life on other planets.

All of the volcanoes on Ceres, referred to as cryovolcanism, have an ice shell, under which hides the salt water. This liquid is called criminal, from time to time she comes to the surface. According to scientists, the cryovolcanism on Jupiter’s moon Europe contribute to the movement components necessary for the emergence of the simplest forms of life.

Spot on Ceres is definitely traces of volcanic activity. Crimina could move as a result of heating after the fall of the asteroid or meteorite. However, spots are observed in the crater Okkator, which was formed about 20 million years ago.

Age of criminy amounted to 400 thousand years. Scientists can not explain why the magma hardened under the ice for 20 million years. Perhaps the situation will become clearer later.

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