Became known, who will accompany Tina Karol Potap and on the show “the Voice”

Стало известно, кто составит компанию Тине Кароль и Потапу на шоу «Голос Країни»

The name of the third judge vocal project

Today it became known who will be the third vocal coach of “the Voice of the Country”. As previously reported by the Scotch, two chairs took Potap and Tina Karol, and today they were joined by Monatic.

It should be noted that Monatic already knows what auditions and vocal battles and fight for the title “best voice of Ukraine”. Last year, the actor was the coach of “the Voice. Children” and his ward Danelia Tuleshov got the win. But despite this, Monatic still a bit worried.

“So far, I can only guess what the adult “Voice”. After all, what I did was gathered the rumors about him. I have a practice of working with children as a coach, but I really wonder how to work with older talent that have not yet become artists that have not yet erupted. But since I’m used to life not to believe rumors and to check everything personally, really looking forward to the start of the project,” – said Monatic.

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