Because of the racist scandal surrounding Liam Neeson ego “Snowthrower” flopped at the box office

Из-за расистского скандала вокруг Лиама Нисона его «Снегоуборщик» провалился в прокате

We tried Liam Neeson to steer clear of the racist scandal, he failed, and eventually the new movie actor “Snowthrower” flopped at the box office

A few days ago because of alleged Neeson was canceled the premiere of the movie in new York, and now the tape boycott and the audience, despite attempts by friends Liam to rehabilitate it in the eyes of fans.

Although the film “Neugeboren” never claimed the title of blockbuster, the name Liam Neeson is always attracted to the cinema, a good audience. But this time the situation was not saved, and the movie earned over the past weekend, only 10.8 million dollars, which, for example, nearly $ 40 million less than the same time earned a second “Hostage”. Analysts report that the start of “Snow-plow” has become the worst in the history of the actor after “the dark Man” in 1990. Although perhaps the reason was the lack of interest in the picture, not the scandal associated with the name of the actor. Distributors can only hope that the very weak start of “Thrower” in the US compensates for international distribution, the results of which racist scandal Neeson will be affected to a lesser degree.

Recall that some time ago, Liam Neeson said in an interview that he wanted to hurt black, to avenge the rape of a woman close to him. Recognition of the actor caused a storm of negativity, despite his own later statements about what he regrets about the thoughts and assurances Whoopi Goldberg and Michelle Rodriguez in the integrity of the actor.

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