Beckham paid dearly for talking on the phone: photos from the courtroom

Бэкхем жестоко поплатился за разговор по телефону: фото из зала суда

David Beckham

Thursday, may 9, it became known that world-famous footballer David Beckham paid dearly for talking on a cell phone while driving. So, just recently a celebrity was deprived of the rights for six months and ordered to pay a fine of 750 pounds. Writes about this edition of Hello.

Attentive pedestrians caught star football player for the offense and immediately reported to law enforcement. It should be noted that Beckham did not deny his guilt – he came to the court like a good citizen.

Бэкхем жестоко поплатился за разговор по телефону: фото из зала суда

By the way, this is not the first time David breaks the rules of the road. Last year, the police fined for speeding in West London.

Бэкхем жестоко поплатился за разговор по телефону: фото из зала суда

Earlier it was reported that in Los Angeles (USA) a monument to star footballer David Beckham. A monument was erected near the entrance to the home stadium of local club galaxy.

A few days before the Grand opening of Beckham was invited to the preview of the monument, where the famous presenter James Corden decided to play football. He replaced the statue of the ugly copy that shocked Beckham.

“Just look at eyes and chin, my ass, it is not so. Only the hair is similar. This is not near the stadium, my parents will be here, wife. Well that my children will not see it, otherwise they would cry. It’s a shame,” said Beckham.

Recall that Victoria Beckham is not only a talented singer and a gifted designer, but also a good dancer. She finds time not only for family and work, but also for your hobby. These shared her youngest son Cruz Beckham on his page in Instagram.

As reported by the portal Znayu not so long ago on his page in social network Instagram David Beckham published a photo, which appeared before his fans in a rather sad way: toothless and balding.

The portal also Znayu wrote that at the last presentation of the new collection of shoes Adidas in Guangzhou, Chinese journalists saw David Beckham new tattoo. A 44-year-old footballer on the earlobe has a tiny heart.


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