Beef of montreal: steak, aged for four years to 2200$ per kilo

Boucherie montréalaise: du steak vieilli durant quatre ans à 2200$ le kilo

A butcher montreal has been aging for four years, of AAA beef, without salt or preservatives, and it sells this meat is 2200$ / kg. A pity for the curious well-heeled: everything is already sold.

Marc Bourg works for years to push the limits of the process of maturation of the meat. Dressed like a craftsman of old, in the butcher shop The Merchant’s Village in Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie, it offers the children of its accustomed of old crates of Pepsi in wood on which jucher to see it at work behind the counter.

There is no question here of stalls cold, with meat précoupée under cellophane. Marc Bourg treats its parts over the controls. “It educates a new generation to the traditional art of butchering,” says his wife and working partner, Jezebel Daupeux, itself dressed in the fashion of the 1950s.

The vast majority of the clientele of the place buys the non-meat aged at a normal price, but it is also the perfect place for the curious who are interested in meat that has come down through the years.


Marc Bourg was required to taste his beef “four years” for the first time on Tuesday, in the presence of our reporter. On a cutting board, it has spread in the carpaccio (it is believed) a selection of sliced aged, respectively, 60 days, 120 days, 180 days, one year, two years, three years and, for the first time, four years.

The evolution of the taste of the beef that is aged has enough to be thrown: from 60 to 180 days, the taste is more pronounced and earthy. In a year, it was sweet, with aromas of cheese. Two years ago, the beef acquires a flavor of meats to the fungus, with spikes of old blue. In three years, the taste is very strong, invades the mouth and salivate.

After four years of aging, disappointment: the taste is fading. “This is not what I was expecting, I assumed that the powerful flavour of the beef of three years would be even more pronounced a year later, and not that she would be shy,” said the butcher, not hiding his disappointment.

He then lit his stove to cook parts three and four years. As much as that of three years ago stood out for its flavor almost aggressive in the mouth, the four-year-old failed to tickle the taste buds to the same degree.

“Perhaps it is the ox who is trying to make me understand that he gave everything he had, and that I have reached the extreme limit of the natural maturation”, he stressed.

It is all the same proud of this production of “four years” aged naturally, probably unique in the world, but this will be his last. It had already been sold, despite its high cost at the time of writing these lines.

Its meat three years, will now offer the more expensive (1500$ us per kilo) and the more flavorful.

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