Beer very poorly named

Une bière bien mal nommée

MONTREAL | brasserie of the province of Alberta, has apologized for having baptized one of their beers a name is maori meaning “pubic hair” and not “feather” as it was believed, according to the CBC.

The brewery alberta Hells”s Basement (the basement of hell) has put up for sale, two years ago, a beer called “Huruhuru – The Feather” (Huruhuru – feather), brewed with hops from New Zealand, supposed to give him the lighter, and a little taste of citrus is ideal for the summer, according to its designers.

But at the beginning of the week, Te Hamua Nikora, a Maori, explained on Facebook that in the language used by the Maori, the indigenous people of New Zealand, the word Huruhuru did not want to say pen, but rather the pubic hair, noting that it would have been “prudent and respectful” to consult with an expert in Te Reo Maori, the language of the Maori.

The boss of the brewery, Mike Patriquin, said in a message to CBC that he had no intention of “appropriating or offend the culture or the people maori” and that he was “apologies to all those who may have felt offended”.

“We recognize that we have not considered that Huruhuru could be understood as a reference to pubic hair in the common language, and that the consultation of a representative maori would have been a better reference than that of on-line dictionaries”, he added.

Mr. Patriquin has also stated that it intends to rename its beer.

Mr Nikora was also taken to task, on Facebook, a leather goods recently opened in Wellington, which is also named Huruhuru.

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