Before going camping, checks are necessary

Before going camping, checks are required</p > UPGRADE DAY

Starting next week, some campgrounds will be open in Quebec. The good weather will certainly decide some campers to start their season. Before leaving with your caravan or motorhome, checks are necessary.

“After spending the long winter months in the snow, it may very well be that small problems appear on the livable side of recreational vehicles, explains Jean-Keven Lemelin, foreman of after-sales service at VR St-Nicolas. This helps to avoid unpleasant surprises that could ruin the holidays. »

For the specialist, whether it is a caravan or a motorhome, the care to be given to the habitable side of the unit is the same. If necessary, call services like caravan repairs to allow for a smooth sailing.

“You have to start by checking whether there have been visits from invasive animals such as small mice, which like to build nests and which can leave traces of their passage in drawers, for example. You have to make sure you do a good cleaning and check for any breakage.

“The second step, for me, is to check the water system. . In winter, the work that the materials do with temperature changes can cause certain collars or other devices to shift and leak.

“You have to check everywhere around the sinks, under the sinks and the toilet to see if there is anything damaged. If everything is OK, the water can be turned on again, in order to remove the plumbing antifreeze from the system. Once that’s done, we close everything and put the water heater back on. Once the pressure is installed, we check carefully if there are no leaks. »

Propane system

The second item to check is the propane system.

“It can happen that the little field mice gnaw the pipes. To be reassured, I recommend a small simple test. So, we open the propane and all our propane appliances.

“If there is a flame in the stove, we close the bottles and wait about thirty minutes. The cylinders are reopened and if the stove still lights, this means that the system pressure is good. »

If you have any concerns, you can always have everything checked by a certified technician.

Infiltrations and mechanics

< p>Another problem to be solved as quickly as possible is water infiltration.

“You have to look everywhere where water can make its way, on the roof, along the corners of the walls, on top of extensions and more. If the leaks are repaired quickly, there will be no major damage. This is essential.

“The presence of mold can also be an indicator of a problem. I recommend cleaning all the joints where there is sealant and redoing them to prevent water from getting through. It is not enough to blow on the joints, but to clean them. Use a cleaning solution and a cloth. »

The sealant for the walls is not necessarily the same as that for the roof. The roofs are made of different materials. You need to have the right information to use the right product. By taking the time to get to know the composition of the materials of the roof and the walls, the results will be excellent. »

Whether you’re using a caravan or a motorhome, a few minor mechanical checks can make the difference.

“You have to check the brakes, if they work well, if there is no strange sound. It is important not to think that they worked well last year, so no need to check them.

“The torsion bars must also be in good condition. A tire check should also be done to see if the sun has done any damage, causing a loss of resistance which could cause punctures.

“As far as possible, it is better to have four identical tires under his trailer. For motorhomes, I always recommend going to a garage that will do all the necessary mechanical checks. This is a gesture that can pay off during the season, avoiding, among other things, breakdowns and the loss of the pleasure of enjoying your unit. »

If you do not want to do the suggested checks yourself, you can consult specialists in the field. Starting at $300, they will do a complete tour of your unit.

In brief


To find a campground, discover the promotions that will be in effect this season, including two nights at $60 on May 26 and 27, take the time to visit For many years, the organization has represented campground owners in Quebec. On the site, you will find a wealth of information on the sites, the services offered, a search engine, the GO Camping Québec application and more. It is truly a site to visit before starting your season. It can be considered the reference in the field in Quebec.


Camping enthusiasts will now be able to count on a new appointment you annual spring with the Foire du RV-Camping-Plein air, which will take place from May 25 to 28, at Pier 30 of the Port of Quebec. More than a hundred recreational vehicles will be presented. More than 50 exhibitors will offer their various products and services in the second floor showroom. The event is organized by Jean-Marc Pageau, recognized in the field of VR.

Before going camping, checks are required