Before the new season Ukrainian team triathlon will be produced in Turkey and Georgia

До нового сезону українська збірна з триатлону готуватиметься у Туреччині та Грузії

Photo: triathlon Federation of Ukraine

But Yulia Elistratova has an individual schedule

2019 – with the Olympics, especially important for athletes from all over the world, but the Ukrainian athletes of different age groups will compete in other world and continental fronts.

This was told the chief coach of the Ukraine national triathlon Eduard Panarin, informs the official website of the Federation of triathlon of Ukraine.

“Yulia Elistratova your individual schedule. As for the rest of the athletes, they will prepare the two camps in Turkey and Georgia,” he said.

“In Turkey there is a team of coaches, including Sergey Priyma, which needs to monitor Cycling training. There will leave a lot of areas, we have already used this approach last year – the group on a similar principle worked in Montenegro. The away teams to a meeting scheduled for 6 February, and they will work on the ground until April – that is, almost two months,” added the coach.

According to Panarin, for the younger teams are a priority in the European Championships.

“Now young athletes are preparing for the European Championships, juvenile, Junior and youth. In the new season we also give extra attention relay training, because now it’s an Olympic triathlon” – he concluded.

Recall that the Ukrainian triathlon may receive only one qualification for the 2020 Olympics.

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