Before “The Voice” and “The true nature”: grand premiere of “Get me out of here!” this Sunday at TVA

Before “The Voice” and “True Nature”: grand premiere of “Get me out of here!” this Sunday at TVA


The grand premiere of the new reality show “Get me out of here!”, which takes us into the jungle of Costa Rica, is presented this Sunday, on TVA, just before “La Voix” and ” True nature”. 

Hosts Alexandre Barrette and Jean-Philippe Dion are at the helm of this colorful competition where challenges abound in the oppressive heat. Yes, it's a competition in that one of the 10 competitors will be crowned the winner and the foundation of their choice will receive a sum of $100,000, but this format from ITV Studios bets first and foremost on solidarity, mutual aid and friendship between campers to make us experience emotions.

The brave ones who pass through various muscular tests by pushing their limits are, for this first season, the singer-songwriter Andréanne A. Malette, the professional dancer and winner of “Revolution” Rahmane Belkebiche, the boxer and comedian Deano Clavet , chef and winner of the reality show “Chefs de bois” Jean Michel Leblond, intensivist François Marquis, content creator Livia Martin, comedian and actor Jean-François Mercier, TVA Nouvelles weather presenter Colette Provencher, singer and host Nathalie Simard and triple Olympic medalist Marianne St-Gelais.

The first episodes viewed by Agence QMI show some campers in a new light, like Nathalie Simard, who is very funny and close to his emotions. Their humanity, heart and humor shine through, and pushed to their limits, campers become friends for life.

As if it weren't enough to settle for weeks in a rudimentary camp in the middle of the jungle – they sleep under the stars, surrounded by snakes and other critters – and to be unsettled in all sorts of situations, campers are rationed, that is, they are offered a daily ration of porridge, rice and beans. It is thanks to the challenges that they can obtain, for all, additional – or more abundant – food and ingredients to jazz up their evening meal, cooked on the fire.

In the first episode, broadcast this Sunday, campers have to jump into the water from a helicopter to access their camp, which is particularly stressful for Jean-François Mercier. Others are aboard a kayak and have to deal with their first bugs. The first eight campers get to know each other and sleep for the first time in the jungle.

From the third meeting, the jungle gala takes place at the very end of the episode. At the end of the Endangerment Challenge and the Elimination Challenge, a camper must go home.

“Get me out of here!” can also be caught up on TVA+, where viewers will be entitled to new content.

A new time slot for “La Voix” and “La vrai nature”

Produced by Productions Déferlantes , in collaboration with Quebecor Content, the reality show “Get me out of here!” settles at 6:30 p.m., on TVA, starting this Sunday, which means that the broadcast of “La Voix” and “La vrai nature” will be postponed, which are now offered respectively at 7:30 p.m. 9:30 p.m.