“Beginner” and beyond: Britain is preparing to attack Putin’s forces after 2018 world Cup

"Новичок" и не только: Британия готовится к атаке путинских сил после ЧМ-2018

British intelligence Agency began preparations for the development of the situation, when hating the civilized world, the Russian Federation will begin a new attack on the UK after the completion of the world Cup. About it reports The Times.

According to a source in the security service, there is intelligence information about the threat of another assassination attempt or attacks on the part of the critical national infrastructure such as energy or water body

“This is serious,” the source said.

Sources in the government have not provided specific intelligence, but said that there is an increased risk the possibility that Britain will again become the target of one of the types of unconventional weapons of war by Vladimir Putin.

“There is definitely awareness of the prospects of attack from hostile States, in particular Russia”, — said the source.

A senior military official told the publication that, in his opinion, Moscow could take actions against London before the end of the world championship on July 15.

As previously reported “FACTS”, July 4, British police said about poisoning under Salisbury two people nervous toxic substance “Beginner” — the same type of poison, which in March of poisoned former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia.

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