“Behaved aggressively”: witnesses confessed how the death of a friend Freimut Ostrovskaya, didn’t stand a chance

"Вела себя агрессивно": очевидцы признались, как погибла подруга Фреймут Островская, не было шансов

today, 14:20

On the road in Zhytomyr region following the death of the famous Lvov, the owner of the clinic of aesthetic medicine Solomia Ostrovska. An eyewitness told all the details of the accident.

About it reports information portal “out Loud”.

The witness of road accident with the famous Lvov Alexey Filanovsky said that the deceased behaved extremely aggressively on the track. At a speed restriction to 20 miles per hour, she was trying to overtake other vehicles.

“I discard, Nissan immediately ahead of me. In itself not punishable, but when the plot with obvious signs of repair put a sign twenty, and the streets were dark, the risk of a pothole, road seam, or another kind of disaster increase dramatically. Ignoring this fact – the risk is hard to justify a win on time, because traffic is still dense,” he said.

After the Lvov ahead of the witness, it was even for two machines. After that, she decided once again to overtake the nearest car.

"Вела себя агрессивно": очевидцы признались, как погибла подруга Фреймут Островская, не было шансов

Solomia Ostrovska

“The car that rides in front of her, already almost caught up with the truck that goes forward. That is, overtaking two cars in one maneuver is impossible. Probably in this point, the driver has misjudged the situation, not noticing a second car, or ignoring it… Drove into the oncoming lane, turns in front of the wagon, and need to understand that overtaking is impossible, and we must return, the benefit of passing cars is still far. But here, perhaps, the driver is distracted and the car goes directly towards the truck in her lane”, – says Aleksey filanovskiy.

But the owls Alexei at the last moment she turns the steering wheel, trying to get back in your lane, but it is not enough time. Then there is a collision “without a chance for salvation.”

Recall that in the capital on the Avenue Bazhana an accident, which could result in a powerful explosion. Car brand “BMW” I went to the local gas station and crashed into a truck, which was standing there.

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