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Behind the scenes of the Mike Matheson deal

Behind the scenes of Mike Matheson's deal


Tony Marinaro had the chance to host Mike Matheson on his podcast on Wednesday, and he discussed his interview with the Montreal Canadiens defender during his segment with Jean-Charles Lajoie on Thursday.< /strong> 

The one who scored 34 points in his first season in Montreal admitted that he was not thinking of leaving the Pittsburgh Penguins, even if he felt that something was afoot.< /p>

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“He didn't expect this transaction, but he expected something to happen in Pittsburgh. They had nine defensemen who had one-way contracts. He thought he had been good the two years in Pittsburgh. He found that he had progressed. In the second year, he thought he had an improvement from his first year. He was surprised to be traded,” Marinaro explained.

Also according to the analyst, Matheson agreed to think outside the box when asked to comment on his relationship with his new head coach .

“He spoke to me about Martin St-Louis and he told me that he had two qualities that stood out. He is able to motivate a group, even if it is difficult to motivate him due to the difficult situation. His other quality is that he is able to talk to the group, while helping the players individually. It's not easy to do, but he does it wonderfully.”

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