Beijing express: nights at the hotel, showers… those moments of rest that you don't see

Beijing express: hotel nights, showers... these moments of rest you don't see

By Mathis Ferrut Journalist people, TV, reality TV Fascinated by the world of media from an early age, television has no secrets for him. Loft Story, Star Academy, Secret Story, the Ch'tis, the Marseillais… He is a real encyclopedia of reality TV. He is also a fan of sports (particularly football and Paris Saint-Germain) and music. He listens to everything and his playlists surprise more than one! The race continues this Thursday, March 16, 2023 in episode 5 of Beijing Express 2023 (or Beijing Express: the secret choice) on M6. This evening, we should still see the candidates asking residents to host them. But sometimes, it happens that the participants of the M6 ​​adventure program are accommodated elsewhere…

M6 has launched Beijing Express 2023 (or Beijing Express: The Secret Choice) on February 16, 2023. Once again this year, candidates seek the hospitality of locals to spend the night. Unforgettable moments of exchange that make the beauty of the adventure program.

In episode 5 broadcast this Thursday, March 16, Angie and Nathalie may have a lot of trouble finding a roof. Indeed, Etienne, emblematic candidate of last season, is making a comeback on the show to play the handicap of the pair. He will have to do everything for them: test, stop and therefore knock on doors to seek the hospitality of the inhabitants.

The candidates are sometimes housed by the production

< p>It is not always easy for applicants to find someone willing to host them. Sometimes they have to sleep under the stars. But they also happen to be accommodated by the production and not especially in case of trouble.

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We are mostly homestays, but after the first episode, we stayed in hotels but camping style or other, we almost never had hot water, it was very similar to the homes we were in“, explained Laura, in the morning of IDFM. “The mattress was a carpet,” confirmed Angie, who appeared very close to Alexandra's sister in a video.

It's still rudimentary

Contacted by Télé-Loisirs, the production explained that “For every two stages, the candidates are entitled to days rest. They spend a night in a camp, usually a campsite or an inn. But it remains rudimentary, to stay in the spirit of the race. They take the opportunity to wash their things, shower…“.

A roof yes, but we are far from luxury for the candidates!