Beijing is contesting a study according to which the COVID-19 would have appeared as early as the month of August

Pékin conteste une étude selon laquelle la COVID-19 serait apparue dès le mois d'août

BEIJING | China called Thursday for “disinformation” to an american study, according to which the disease COVID-19 would have appeared in the country in the month of August last, several months earlier than what we had estimated until now.

A preliminary study by researchers from the prestigious universities of Boston and Harvard suggests that the epidemic has been able to make its appearance as early as the summer of 2019 in Wuhan, a metropolis of central China placed in quarantine in January.

This study is particularly based on satellite images revealing the presence of a crowd unusual in the parking lots of the hospitals of Wuhan as early as the month of August.

As of this date, she has also been an increase in searches containing the word “cough” on the chinese search engine Baidu.

This study, which has not yet been published in a scientific journal, would, therefore, be of such a nature as to prove that China has been able to hide from the world for several months the onset of a new disease.

But the chinese foreign ministry on Thursday ruled that the study was “full of holes” and “crudely made”.

The ministry spokesperson, Hua Chunying, has seen the proof of the existence of a campaign in the United States to “create and disseminate deliberate disinformation against China”.

“Political leaders and american media act as if they had discovered a treasure, as if they had evidence that China had concealed the epidemic,” she lamented.

According to Beijing, the new coronavirus has been detected in December and China has shared since the beginning of January its genetic code with the world Health Organization (WHO).

The United States and China are écharpés in recent months as to the origin of the virus, the Washington believing that he could escape from a laboratory of virology, Wuhan, while Beijing has suggested that it may have been brought by american soldiers.

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