Beijing sees glimpses of the spectre of mccarthyism in the United States

Pékin voit poindre le spectre du maccarthysme aux États-Unis

The chinese foreign minister, Wang Yi, warned Thursday against a resurgence of mccarthyism in the United States, while ensuring that the door of dialogue remains open with Washington.

Coronavirus, trade, Hong Kong, Human rights… relations between the two Pacific giants fell to the lowest in recent months, and there is almost no day without a senior official of the administration to Trump critical of the regime of president Xi Jinping.

“The current policy of the United States towards China is based on errors of judgment, strategic (…) and on the paranoia of the McCarthy,” said in a speech the head of the diplomacy of the chinese, in reference to senator Joseph McCarthy, who had engaged the United States in a witch hunt communists in the 1950s.

At the end of may, Mr. Wang had already warned that the two countries seemed on the brink of a new ” cold war “, when they were exchanged mutual accusations on responsibility for the outbreak of COVID-19.

“The United States should immediately stop politicising the issue of the epidemic ( … ), and work with China to promote global cooperation against the virus “, he said on Thursday during his speech before a forum of think tanks, the chinese and americans, in presence of video of the former us secretary of State Henry Kissinger.

He assured that Beijing was ready to resume the dialogue at all levels with Washington.

“China and the United States should not try to transform each other one another, but rather to seek together the means of a peaceful cohabitation between two different systems “, he estimated.

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