Beijing threatens to retaliate after u.s. sanctions against its media

Beijing menace de riposter après les sanctions américaines contre ses médias

BEIJING | China threatened on Tuesday to retaliate after the United States ‘ decision to classify four chinese media as a “foreign diplomatic missions”, accusing them of being “organs of propaganda”.

This decision “exposes them to the view of all the hypocrisy of the so-called freedom of expression and of the press, whose boast that the United States,” said a spokesman for the chinese ministry of foreign Affairs, Zhao Lijian.

In front of the press, Mr. Zhao called on Washington to return “immediately” its decision, “otherwise China will have no choice but to adopt an appropriate response”.

The head of the american diplomacy Mike Pompeo announced on Monday requested the designation of four “organs of propaganda from the people’s Republic of China as foreign diplomatic missions”.

In practical terms, this means that the media concerned will have to notify the State department the list of their staff and real estate.

This is the central Television of China (CCTV), the agency China News Service (CNS), the People’s Daily and the Global Times.

It is in addition to an identical decision already taken in February against five other public media in china (the New China news agency, China’s Global Television Network, Radio China International and the american distributors of the People’s Daily newspaper and China Daily).

At the end of February, three journalists from the Wall Street Journal had been expelled from China in retaliation to the title of a forum published in the daily american and was deemed racist by Beijing.

In the process, Washington had considerably reduced the number of Chinese allowed to work for the State-controlled media of their countries to the United States.

The chinese authorities had responded by expelling a dozen of correspondents american, working for the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and the Washington Post.

Asked about the risk that the announcement on Monday drove chinese side, to further retaliation against american journalists working independently, the american secretary of State deputy for East Asia, David Stilwell, has not ruled out this scenario.

Advocates of Human rights fear that Beijing invokes this “excuse” to make it a little more difficult the work of the international press in the country.

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