Beijing’s announcement of “retaliation” after the ban on us arms sales to Hong Kong

Beijing annonce des «représailles» après l'interdiction de ventes d'armes américaines à Hong Kong

BEIJING | China has announced on Tuesday of “retaliation” after the decision of Washington to prohibit the export of defence equipment sensitive to Hong Kong because of a controversial law on national security that Beijing has imposed on the territory.

Ignoring the calls of the Western, the national parliament voted on this text, which comes a year after the start of demonstrations in the former british colony against the influence of the central government.

Washington accuses China of having undermined its international commitments and the principle of “One country, two systems”, which gave the territory of 7.5 million people, a vast autonomy since its handover by London in 1997.

To protest against the recovery in the hands of the territory by Beijing, Washington has announced Monday, putting an end to its export of defence equipment sensitive to Hong Kong.

“The United States will never be able to hinder China’s efforts to advance the hong kong legislation in matters of national security”, responded to the press, Zhao Lijian, spokesman for china’s public diplomacy.

This measure relates to the armament and equipment of the us defence, the export of which requires a green light from the State department and should not be the subject of an opposition Congress.

“We can no longer make a distinction between the export of this material to Hong Kong or to the rest of China” was justified in a press release the head of the american diplomacy, Mike Pompeo.

The u.s. government will also “take measures to impose, in the case of Hong Kong, the same restrictions on the american technologies of defense and dual-use civilian or military as it imposes for China”.

The us president, Donald Trump had already opened the way to a questioning of the preferential status enjoyed by Hong Kong from the United States.

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