Belgium: “real threat” of an attack of the extreme right

Belgique: «menace réelle» d’un attentat d’extrême droite

Belgium considers that there is currently on its soil, “a real threat” of an attack perpetrated by militants of the extreme right, according to the words of his minister of Justice Koen Geens reported on Thursday.

“If there is no attack (far right, editor’s note) has not yet occurred in Belgium, the State Security (the intelligence service of belgian civil) considers that there is a real threat. The most likely scenario is that of an attack perpetrated by a lone wolf, ” said the minister in front of mps on Wednesday.

He cited figures which date back to April, according to which the services to counter-terrorism in belgium have in their viewfinder ” 30 propagandists of the extreme right, compared to ten last year “.

“I will also be severe in the face of the terror of the extreme right that for the jihadists, I do not take this lightly,” said Mr Geens Thursday in a plenary session in the Chamber of deputies.

He was asked about a report of the Europol organization published on Tuesday, in which Belgium is represented as the host country of identity groups, followers of the “self-defense” in response to ” aggression committed by migrants.”

Is referred to the small group of ” Right Wing Resistance “, present also in Sweden.

This Europol report, entitled ” Situation and trends in terrorism “, also refers to the notification by Belgium to the stay of some of its nationals in camps, paramilitaries of the former eastern bloc, for the purposes of ” training fire “.

Koen Geens has admitted that ” one of the twenty Belgian owe allegiance to the ideology of the extreme right have been involved in training paramilitary abroad in recent years.”

Participation in these courses is more the fact of people and groups, he stressed, specifying not to have the proof that ” there is a direct relationship between the group identity flemish) +Schild in Vrienden+ and training camps in Russia “.

The group “Schild en Vrienden” (Shield and Friend) had the headlines in Belgium in September 2018, with the release of a report showing its militants in stock-muscled, and detailing the messages of a racist and anti-semitic exchanged between them in private groups on the internet.

The founder of this group, Dries Van Langenhove, 27 years old, became in may 2019 federal member of parliament, taking advantage of the wave election that has made his party, the Vlaams Belang party (anti-immigration), the second political force in Flanders behind the N-VA (conservative).

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