Bell urged to repatriate jobs in Canada

Bell exhortée à rapatrier des emplois au Canada

In order to do its part for the after COVID-19, the giant Bell should repatriate permanently to Canada all jobs customer service done abroad, according to Uniforms and equipment.

The largest private sector union in Canada has prompted on Wednesday the telecommunications company to follow the example of its competitor, Rogers.

“This crisis has caused a questioning of priorities, and we urge the leaders of Bell Canada to do the same today. It is necessary to return the work to the house and to build an economy that supports workers in Canada”, explained the president of Uniforms and equipment, Jerry Dias.

Tuesday, Rogers announced the repatriation to the country of the 150 positions in the customer service who were always abroad. The measure has enabled the creation of new jobs in Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick.

Uniforms recalled that Bell had had to take such a measure, but temporary, because in the Philippines, India and Tunisia, “call centres to poor pay” had been forced to close their doors due to the confinement related to the pandemic.

Jerry Dias is of the opinion that employees working in telecommunications in Canada “not only are the height step in and do the job effectively, but they also provide a more reliable service and higher quality for our canadian customers”.

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