Bella Thorne grilled kissing a beautiful Italian less than 48 hours after the announcement of his break

Bella Thorne grillée en train d'embrasser un bel italien moins de 48h après l'annonce de sa rupture

Bella Thorne would no longer be célib : barely separated, she would have already found a new guy

Not even two days that Bella Thorne has announced his break-up with Mod Sun, the star would have found a new little friend. In fact, the paparazzi took pictures of her kissing Benjamin Mascolo, an Italian singer, during a date at the beach. Last weekend, they were taken in a photo both, ultra close to Coachella. New couple in approach ?

Bella Thorne already recasée ?

Some are recovering separations more quickly than others. We can clearly say that it is the case of Bella Thorne ! It has been 48 hours that the heroine of the series Famous in Love has announced his break-up with Mod Sun and yet, this has not prevented it to go French-kiss an other guy. His ex, with whom she has been in trouple with another girl (Tana Mongeau) before it can be “just” in a relationship with him, seems to be already forgotten. The Daily Mail has revealed pictures of Bella Thorne kissing a certain Benjamin Mascolo in San Diego, California. Images that have been taken on Wednesday 17 April 2019.

On the shots in question, you can see the actress controversial sitting the face of her supposed new boyfriend, having lunch in a restaurant at the edge of the beach. The possible lovebirds we seem to be having a good time at this date, since Bella Thorne and Benjamin Mascolo exchanged kisses languid. The latter has even stroked the leg of his girlfriend alleged. Prior to this appointment under the california sun, they had also been seen very close to the festival Coachella the past weekend. Is this really a budding romance ?

That is her supposed new boyfriend ?

But who is this beautiful blonde with shaved hair ? Benjamin Mascolo is Italian, as his name suggested. Brown at the origin, it dyed her hair (a passion he shared with Bella Thorne, who loves to change colours). On his account Instagram, it accounts for no less than 1 million subscribers.

As his girlfriend (whether it is proved that they come out together), it is also is a star in his country. A singer by profession, Benji is part of the group, Benji & Fede that he founded with his friend Federico Rossi. Is it a love of a holiday, or will he leave Europe to be with Bella ? The fans are eager to find out.


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