Bella Thorne separated from Benjamin Mascolo or a couple to three ? It responds to the rumors

Bella Thorne separated from Benjamin Mascolo ? It responds to the rumor

After having formalized his marriage with his girlfriend, Alex Martini, Bella Thorne has sown the seed of doubt about his relationship with Benjamin Mascolo. Would she have broken up with the Italian singer ? The internet users were posed the question. The actress is separated from her boyfriend, or is she once again in a “trouple” ? It responds to the rumors of break-up.

After his tears with Mod Sun, with whom she was married, and Tana Mongeau, recasée with Jake, Paul, Bella Thorne has found love in the arms of Benjamin Mascolo. And then they seemed to swim in the happiness, rumors of fracture have appeared when the ex-star of Famous in Love has formalized her relationship with her girlfriend Alex Martini : “She is too cute. This is the first time that I go out with a shy girl in front of a camera“, she posted on Instagram.

“Ben and I are very happy”

Bella Thorne is again in a “trouple” (a couple, three, editor’s note), or does she just broke up with Benjamin Mascolo after four months of relationship ? Well the answer is… the first option ! Yes, the actress is still in love of its Italian singer : “everything is going very well. Ben and I are very happy. He comes to Los Angeles the first week of November, it’s going to be nice. He is on tour at the moment and is in the process of releasing his album. It is a lot of work for him and a lot of work for me to be separated by distance“, she entrusted to AND. Then, reassured ?

The engaged couple ?

Things would go more than well between Benjamin Mascolo and Bella Thorne. On the evidence, the lovers would be engaged. The former star of Disney Channel has sown the seed of doubt by posting a video where you can see her wear a diamond ring in the shape of a heart. She then unveiled the beautiful declaration of her boyfriend : “Because the series are not awesome without you. Because it does not go a day without thinking of you. Has the love of my life.” It’s beautiful !

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