Beloved ex-husband of Ani Lorak showed her indulge favorite

Murat loaded with presents beloved flowers

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Возлюбленная экс-мужа Ани Лорак показала, как ее балует любимый

Murat Nalchajian and Saniya

Recently after a high-profile divorce, the former spouse of the famous singer Ani Lorak Murat Nalchajian stopped hiding their new relationship with a girl named Sania Akhmetov.

See a short video about the new beloved Ani Lorak:

Turkish businessman not only spoils your favorite joint trips abroad, but also loaded with presents the Sania luxurious bouquets. The girl boasted on his page in Instagram colors, which she gave Murat Nalchajian.

“Thank you, my beloved,” wrote the luckiest girl in Instagram-stories.

Возлюбленная экс-мужа Ани Лорак показала, как ее балует любимый

It should be noted that the profile of the girl is closed from prying eyes, so Murat has decided to repost to your page so fans could see how much he cares.

Recall that the popular singer Ani Lorak had an affair with 26-year-old sound-producer Black Star Egor Gleb, who was ex-husband of another Ukrainian singer, TAYANNA, and has proved not from the best side.

Murat has also recently shared a family photo on which Sania Akhmetov at home posing in the circle of family beloved.

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