Beluga took a pack of narwhal (video)

                                Белухи приняли в стаю нарвала (видео)

Scientists believe that orphaned narwhal have migrated to warmer waters due to climate change.

Orphaned narwhal left his native Arctic waters due to the sharp change of climate and came to the flock of whales. Marine biologists of the research group GREMM believe he went down the St. Lawrence river in Canada and swims with Beluga whales within three years.

Narwhal have only two upper teeth. The left one grows into a huge, twisted spiral Tusk up to 2-3 meters long. Right don’t usually cut, but sometimes there are individuals with two tusks. In the “horn” of the narwhal, up to 10 million nerve endings.

                                Белухи приняли в стаю нарвала (видео)

In the world there are about 80 thousand narwhals. Their number is steadily declining due to climate change and rapid development of the oil and gas industry. The revival of industrial shipping also reduces their number: the ship’s location interferes with the communication of whales, and narwhals are often faced with the courts.

Belugas and narwhals, despite the distant relationship, in fact, very different. Narwhals love to dive and feel great in the Northern seas, covered with thick ice. Beluga whales feed in coastal waters. However, narwhals communicate with each other in almost the same language as Beluga whales.

Scientists have long observed a group of young males, and I believe that belugas have totally adopted the narwhal.

“This young narwhal, the perpetrator alone is a challenging journey was incredibly lucky. And found good friends,” says Robert Michaud, one of the researchers GREMM.

Many whales trying to migrate to a warmer and rich in fish water are killed by the blades of ship engines. In the ocean, more sea giants without a tail. Those who were lucky to survive.

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