Ben Affleck admitted why they refused to Batman: “You’re drunk to death”

Бен Аффлек признался, почему отказался от Бэтмена: "Ты упьешься до смерти"

today, 11:21

American actor, screenwriter and film Director Ben Affleck openly admitted their weaknesses, the main one being alcoholism.

About this Hollywood star said in a big interview in The New York Times.

According to the actor, he almost never saw his father sober to 19 years, and his family never had problems — from mental (two suicides) to addictions (including heroin).

Бен Аффлек признался, почему отказался от Бэтмена: "Ты упьешься до смерти"

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As Affleck confessed he was drinking relatively normally until 2015-2016. At this moment the actor felt that his marriage is falling apart, and he began to lean on the alcohol stronger. It only created new problems in the marriage, and in 2018 he did divorce Jennifer garner, with whom managed to have three children.

“More than anything in my life, I’m sorry about the divorce. Shame itself is very toxic. He doesn’t have a positive by-product. You simply long time to stew in self-loathing and living with low self-esteem,” admitted Affleck.

As notes the edition, it is the fear of another breakdown forced the actor to abandon the role of Batman.

In 2016, when Affleck was promoting “Batman vs. Superman” and drinking heavily, in the network originated the meme “Sad Affleck”:

Бен Аффлек признался, почему отказался от Бэтмена: "Ты упьешься до смерти"

Бен Аффлек признался, почему отказался от Бэтмена: "Ты упьешься до смерти"

And the problems in the production of “justice League” and completely crushed all the enthusiasm of an actor.

“I showed someone a script for “Batman.” I replied: “I think the script was good. And I think you drunk to death if you survive what I went through just that,” he told Affleck.

After that, the actor at first refused the production of the film, and then from the title role, losing to Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson.

In 2020 we can say that Affleck’s career is gradually improving in the coming months he will leave as many as four films, including the sports drama “Out of play” (The Way Back) where he plays a coach who was an alcoholic, who takes a beginning basketball team.

The film was autobiographical for the actor, and most of the difficulties he had with the basketball, not with the image of the drinker middle-aged men.

According to Affleck, great moral support he had Bradley Cooper and Robert Downey Junior — the first, as you know, suffered from alcoholism, and the second took drugs.

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Recall that the actor Ben Affleck quit drinking and returned to his “ex”.

As reported by the portal Znayu Ben Affleck again joined the ranks of the bachelors

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